I was shopping this weekend and these caught my eye. Blue Raspberry Twinkies that Hostess released to promote the new X-men movie.! It seems like only yesterday they were taking them away for good, and now we get a brand new Twinkie! I know, it is not that cool, but when you try them you might think so.

This morning, I brought some in and I had Lady Leah try one. The first thing she asked was if they were old and were past the sell date. I hadn't noticed but the blue filling and the yellow cake make the bottom of the Twinkies look green.

Both Leah and I thought they were better then regular Twinkies. The flavor is good, about like the flavor of anything Raspberry flavored. To me, there seemed to be more filling in these making them less dry. Twinkies always seemed a little dry to me and these do not taste dry to me at all. They are surprisingly moist for a Twinkie.

If you see them around I would definitely pick some up, especially if you have kids or if you love Hostess. My daughter heard us eating them on the air, and had to call to make sure we saved some for her. She liked them that much.

Be careful, because I am sure that they are limited and if you get addicted you will never get to satisfy that craving ever again...or will you? Muuhahahaha!

Hostess, you ARE EVIL!