I hate it when telemarketers call. They are usually rude and have no respect for what you are doing at that moment. Taking a nap...it doesn't matter. Eating dinner...doesn't matter. This lady has one strategy and its funny but there is a better way to handle it. In college I worked as a telemarketer for a couple months and I learned a few things to make my life easier.

First, if you do not tell them you are not interested AND not to ever call back, they will and probably have to call back. If you do not specifically say that, they hit a button and you go right back into the system. If you say both of those things then they are legally bound to take you off their list and stop calling you. If they do, you can take legal action.

Also make sure you document everything. The time they called, how long you talked, the number and company they called from, and anything else you can think of. If it goes to court, you will need all that for evidence.

One more thing, IT IS LEGAL TO RECORD SOME ONE IN A PHONE CALL as long as you say that you are recording them and they are aware that you are. Tell the telemarketer you are recording them from the beginning and they will be more likely to follow the law.