First let me say that I am guessing that they are killing off Carol, but it is a strong and educated guess. I don't have any actual hard evidence but some new information I just heard is shedding some light on the subject.

In a new interview that will be released in the magazine TV Guide, Norman Reedus talks about how he had to cry for an hour before shooting scenes for the finale because they were so emotional. Anyone who watches the show knows that the character Carol is the closest to is Norman's character Daryl. They are even flirting with the two of them having a romance which is the first clue. Almost every time two people start to have a romance, one gets killed off. The Walking Dead loves to torture its audience and what better way then to kill  newly budding romance.

Carol has alos been very selfless lately and it would be just like her to sacrifice herself to save another like Daryl. If Daryl was going to be sad destroyed about the death of a character it would be Carol. I hope I am wrong because she is one of my favorite characters, but I think her time is up.