You were so close! That AA or BA was right around then corner, but you just couldn't get the money to finish. Well, thanks to Washington State lawmakers, you may get a second chance! A bill has been proposed to offer those who are 15 credits shy of their Associates or Bachelor's degree a change to finish school no cost to them. To qualify for the The Free to Finish scholarship program students must have gone to college for at least three years, are finishing their first degree, and (as mentioned) have 15 credits to go, and must finish at a Washington state college or university.

The proposers of the bill site that this program will be good for the state as a whole because those with college degrees tend to have and keep jobs longer, and make more money than those who have high school or less education. Cities and states with higher college grad rates have better economies in general. They will raise $1 million to start to cover up to 500 people then, depending on success rate, expand the program from there.

This is great news for those who were so close, yet so far. Financial and family reasons have kept many Washington residents from completing their degree, and now they may have a chance. Do you think this is a good idea, or should people just have to pay for their college on their own? Take the poll!