Tis the season for office holiday parties! That magical time of year when you get to (or have to) hang with your office pals outside the of work to celebrate this special season! Hopefully your event will be memorable, and you make an impression on the bosses, just the RIGHT impression. Here are the top 10 things you DON'T want to be remembered for!

Dress for Success

You've been waiting to bust out that little sparkly dress with the deep V since you bought it. The office party is NOT the best place to be overly sexy. Look good, but keep it on the conservative side. A bit of cleavage, or more leg than you'd show at the office is ok, but don't over do it. Also, make sure you dress for the occasion. If it's a formal affair, don't show up in jeans.

Gossip Girl

All year you've probably heard stories and rumors about folks in the office. Don't share your juicy office scandals with others at the party. You don't want to cause drama or be the one no one trusts. If you don't have something nice to say, go grab a snack to shut that trap.

Potty Mouth

Yes, you're not at work, BUT you still need to be considerate of your co-workers. Using sexist, racist, or other offensive language is a BIG no-no.  Not everyone is down with dropping f-bombs, and that funny knock-knock joke you heard may not amuse everyone. Keep in mind you'll have to work with these people after the party, so it's best not to offend anyone.

Touchy Feely

Yes, she's cute. OMG he's totally hot. It's fine to think these things, and maybe even connect outside of work, but the WORST place to make-out with a co-wokrer is at the office party.  The stories you want people to share about you are about that awesome deal you made, or how hard you worked on that project. NOT the time you made-out with so and so.

Mind Your Manners

Please, thank you, excuse me.... . Greet people appropriately, introduce your date, and eat properly. Wash your hands, use napkins. You know what to do. Make your momma proud!

Attached at the Fingers

You came to a party to, you know, actually interact with other humans! Being on your phone the whole time not only looks bad, but it's kinda rude. Use your phone in a fun and social way like taking pics, or Googling something to settle a fun bet. Just don't be on it the whole night. This is a good rule for life, not just the office party!

Who Brought THAT Guy?

Make sure that your date follows the same rules as you. Don’t dress too flashy or messy, let them know who is who, don’t gossip, and never reveal personal details of your partner (or let them reveal too much about you.).

I've Got Better Things To Do

Unless you've got a very good reason, skipping the office party altogether is usually a bad idea. Your attendance at the party shows interest in and devotion to the company. Show up on time, don’t leave too early, and make sure your presence is felt and seen in a positive manner.

You Can't Sit With Us

Yes, you have people at the office that you like more than others. However, no one likes a clique. Though you may be the "coolest kids" in the office, make sure you branch out and talk to everyone at some point during the night. Who knows, you may find a new friend or make an important connection!

Blame It On The Alcohol

Every year, without fail, there's that guy or girl who drinks WAY to much! Yes, an open bar is a welcome treat, but don't OVER treat yourself. Drink less than you normally would, and if you do get tipsy, get your designated driver and leave before you can cause any damage. Note to self: don't talk to boss when drunk. Just don't be that guy.