So you just got that first (or 2nd) job and it happens to be in retail. Your first day is tomorrow, and you have no idea what to expect or what to wear. Of course, it all depends on the store. A job at Hot Topic or Zumiez is going to ask for a more punk rock look compared to J.C.Penney's or Macy's (where a more sophisticated look is expected).

Looking sophisticated is obviously a little more difficult to achieve, especially if this is only your first or second job.

Ladies, make sure to keep it appropriate. Skirts and casual dresses are great, as well as grey or black dress pants with a nice blouse or top.

Heels are okay, but they need to be comfortable! Walking around in four-inch heels for a five-hour shift can be uncomfortable and even painful. Flats or nice boots are the best choice.

As far as accessories go, keep it light: a few pieces of jewelry, like a small necklace and some earrings are perfect.

Guys, it's all about dress shirts and sweaters paired with dress pants and dress shoes. Depending on which department you work in, a nice pair of sneakers may be acceptable.

Here's a list of a few items that are good to wear to your retail job (along with a few that should stay at home):

  • 1

    Scarves: Good Idea

    Scarves are a great accessory, especially for fall and winter. Infinity scarves, like the one shown, are especially popular right now and look great with most outfits.
  • 2

    Boots: Good Idea

    This type of boot is the best kind to wear. It doesn't matter if they're leather or suede, both are great for work. They are great to wear in the fall and winter, but don't wear them with that $5 pair of leggings.
  • 3

    Leggings: Bad Idea

    No matter what the print is or if they're just plain black, don't wear them. Underneath a skirt or dress with some boots is usually okay, but don't wear them alone. Save those for yoga or wearing around the house.
  • 4

    UGG Boots: Bad Idea

    Some boots are okay, but not these. UGG boots resemble slippers, and no matter how comfy they are, they aren't for work. Even if you think they look good with your outfit, it really just looks like you threw on your house shoes and went to work.
  • 5

    Flip Flops: Bad Idea

    This is a big don't for girls and guys. Even the fancy ones aren't really a good idea to wear to work. They aren't professional, and have a much more casual look and feel to them.
  • 6

    Dress Pants: Good Idea

    Guys, these are going to become your best friend. Make sure to find some you will be comfortable in for several hours at a time. Black is best, but grey is also okay if that's what you prefer.
  • 7

    Dress Shirts: Good Idea

    A shirt like this or a nice sweater is great to pair with dress pants. Keeping shirts like this ironed and hung up is the best way to keep them looking nice and in good shape. And always read the washing instructions!!
  • 8

    Shoes: Good Idea

    Black is the best color to choose for shoes. A pair like this is perfect for work, as long as they are kept clean and preferably shiny. Lace-ups are better than slip-on shoes, as they will be more secure for walking around the store.
  • 9

    Other Shoes: Bad Idea

    Some sneakers are okay, depending on which department you work in. But shoes like these are not the best choice to wear, as they not only don't look professional, they probably aren't the most secure either. If you do wear sneakers, stick with ones you can tie on and that look nice. Usually it's best to not have logos or flashy colors also.
  • 10

    Jeans: Bad Idea

    Normally, it's just not a good idea to wear jeans to work unless told it's okay. If you do wear jeans to work, avoid ones like these. Stick with a darker blue, and make sure there aren't any holes, rips or tears. Also, make sure they aren't too tight or too big.