We've been hearing a lot about school lunches since Michelle Obama became First Lady. I thought her push was to get healthier lunches, but I noticed my kids are served a lot of pizza and nachos. I asked a lunch lady with the Richland School District and her answer blew me away.

Did you know Congress is debating giving school districts more "flexibility" in their school lunch programs? That sounds great, right? Well, if you read about it you'll discover that means giving districts LOWER REQUIREMENTS THE FOOD BE HEALTHY! "Flexibility" means allowing the schools to add MORE fat and salt.

How can that be? Well, it turns out the chicken nuggets, pizza and nachos local districts serve kids is actually hand-made, low-sodium and whole-grain food disguised as junk food.

For example, the pizza is multi-grain dough made by the staff with low sugar, low sodium sauce and low-fat cheese. The nachos are multi-grain chips baked, not fried, with low-fat cheese. They make it look like junk so the kids eat it, but it's probably healthier than what you're feeding them at home!