Gwen Stefani is hot hot hot right now! Some call it a comeback, but I'm not a fan of that term. But let's call it re-visualization... She's a judge on The Voice and she's about to release her first solo album in 8 years! (OK it's a comeback) She was first on our radar in the 90s with the band No Doubt, and then had epic solo success. So it's good to see Gwen is back.

However, Gwen's signature was her unique style and voice. Her style is still definitely her own, but on her new track "Spark the Fire" I'm looking for her voice. She barely sings at all in fact, she's pretty much rapping. Maybe that has something to do with Pharrell producing it with her, but it's kind of strange to see her rapping along. Some in my office have said that SKA is kind of like rapping, but I swear (as an avid No Doubt fan) that she sang on 87% of those tracks.

That being said, I like the song- it just seems more like something Iggy Azalea would do. But hey, Gwen looks, sounds, and overall is great. Nothing but love here. Check out the videos below of the official video and the video of her performing live with Pharrell on The Voice. (PS Where can I get a cloud onsie?)