There are things that you cannot buy, and a genuine Super Bowl Championship Ring is one of those things. After the Seahawks released what their ring was like, I know most all fans wanted one. I am really surprised that the NFL is not selling any kind of ring for the fans. In the past some teams, like the Packers, have sold replica rings to season ticket holders. This year there is no such deal, but do not lose hope 12th Man. Already you can buy a replica ring from China and even get it custom made with any name and number you like. Normally I am the first person to buy official gear, but in this case I knew it would never be available and I took a chance that I think paid off big time.

There are a lot of different places to order replica rings and even rings for sale on eBay from around $30 to $3,000. I did my research and I think the best place to order is from a website called  I was worried when I first ordered the ring because I knew the company was from China. I will say that after going through the complete process of ordering a ring, they were as helpful and as fast as any American company I have ever ordered from. It took less then 12 days for my ring to arrive after I ordered it, and it was custom made with my name on it.

They have a couple of options and I chose the solid sterling silver ring with a custom name and number. Notice the No. 12 on the stadium side of the ring, I thought they did a real good job and the ring was nicer then I expected it to be. The baseline price is $185 for copper with white gold plating and no custom work. If you want your name or the name of your favorite player it only cost an extra $30.

I have studied the original ring and have compared it to this replica. The replica is not perfect -- for instance the word 'World' on the front is slightly different on the original ring. On the original, the 'W' and the 'D' do not rest on the edge of the border. Also, the Seahawk eye is slightly the wrong shape and should be pointed down a little more. The exact number of stones is not the same on both rings although the differences are only in the really small stones. The trophy stone on the front on the original is also slightly bigger then on the replica. The last thing I will note is that they didn't get the right amount of feathers on the bottom of the ring. There are supposed to be 12 feathers and there are only 10 on the replica -- but the average person would not even notice a detail like that.

All that being said, I am extremely happy with my ring. If you are as crazy about the Seahawks as I am, get your ring before they go away forever.