Like you, I love "Uptown Funk." Wow, that Bruno Mars is so talented! But if you've noticed, when DJs say, "And that was 'Uptown Funk'" we don't say, "by Bruno Mars," we say, "by Mark Ronson." Who is Mark Ronson?
It turns out that he, too, is a musician, but outside of England, nobody really knows his music. However, as a PRODUCER, you know his work really, really well. His top albums he produced were for Adele and Amy Winehouse!
If you knew Mark Ronson before reading this blog, you probably knew him as a DJ. Born in England, he went to school and college in New York City. His stepfather is (was?) a member of Foreigner and Sean Lennon, son of John, was a childhood friend. He got his start in music DJing at New York City hip hop clubs.
As a producer he was no stranger to Bruno Mars, so it isn't surprising they collaborated. Who wouldn't want to work with one of the people who made Adele and Amy Winehouse famous?
He's a pretty cool guy, and now you know a little more about where he came from!
Here's him demonstrating what DJing and music production is to an audience at TEDx: