Today we learned about the "Mystery Coke Machine" in Seattle. It's located on the corner of John St. and 11th Ave. East in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The machine is from the 1970s and still only charges $0.55 for drinks. Local lore is that the machine NEVER runs out and no one knows who owns it or who stocks it!

Everybody's favorite feature of the machine is the "mystery" button. It's so old, it only has about six options, so the "owner" maintains a "mystery" button where soda not offered by another button pops out.

It even has its own Facebook page with over 8,000 fans! The machine "talks" to its fan base via the page, so if you want to know how it's doing, be sure to follow.

Next time we're in Seattle, we'll have to stop by and get a 55-cent drink!