If you're on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram..... you know what #tbt is. Every Thursday we're bombarded with Throwback Thursday photos on all social fronts. While posting a pic of a meeting a band 6 months ago doesn't really pique that much interest, Throwback Thursday has its merits. While sorting through old photo albums, searching for a TRULY old photo, I was smothered in warm memories. I even called my mom over to explain old photos that I didn't remember or that were before my time. We sat for over an hour just talking and laughing, and I got to know things about my mom I didn't know about from before she was a mom, you know, when she was still just a person. It felt amazing to journey to the past, and each picture really doe capture a whole story. It was a bonding experience like no other.

Of course, we can't do that necessarily EVERY Thursday, so we'll still maybe have those 2 year old pics of us at a random bar, or chillin with our cat, but I highly encourage you to find time to go back in time with your parents or siblings some time. It's worth every second!

(Here are some of my #TBT pics with small explanations. You can probably figure out how old I am, by the dated photos, but oh well. Hope you like!)

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    Remember these? You got them at Sears or JC Penny's. My cute brother and I back in the day.... #YesImOld ;)

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    This is the photo that really got the laughter and tears flowing. So my great-grandmother is in the center and her daughters, grand-daughters, and great grand-daughters are surrounding her. My mom and grandma are on the right side of the photo. My mom's tube top is priceless!

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    My mom told me that I was OBSESSED with this dress in Kindergarten. I wanted to wear it every day, and actually did for 4 in a row before she had to pull it off me. I do remember having an affinity for the dress. I think I could totally still rock this look today! #fashionista


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    6th grade with my two besties Mary (left) and Crystal (right). Dig my pink glasses?

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    Senior Pictures

    Ahhh, Senior pictures! Braces and glasses. Please, don't mock me too much!