Have you ever had to break up with a friend? What was the reason? Was it hard to do? I had to break up with my best friend once, but he deserved it so it was pretty easy.

To keep the story from getting too long I'll just cut to the chase. When I lived in Spokane before I met my wife I was dating a girl that was a Pharmacist but we were not very happy. I started having listeners call me on my show and tell me my 'best friend was boinking my girl'. When I confronted them about it the of course denied anything was going on. Whey kept saying 'we love you' and 'why would we do that'. I let it drop but when we broke up about 6 months later, guess who was engaged not two days later. My old GF and my best friend. honestly I never actually broke up with him, I just never talked to him again.

Here are some other examples that I saw on Reddit that are pretty good excuses also.

-Slept with my girlfriend
-Stole $150 from me
-She was a bad parent and I didn’t want my kids around her kids
-She always wanted HUGE favors and never did anything in return
-Pretended not to know me in public
-Robbed a mutual friend at gun point for his pot plants
-Said she hated drama and then caused nothing but drama
-I was always babysitting her inebriated, passed out body
-Habitual liar