I have been scared of Ebola since I first heard about it over 20 years ago. I have always been interested in science and was even a Zoology major at WSU, and the reasons I am scared of Ebola most people do not know.

Most people are just now starting to learn about Ebola. It was always this far off virus in the jungle somewhere that really did not effect us. Now that the US has had it's first known case of Ebola, people are starting to pay attention but they still don't know much about it. Most people know that if you catch Ebola, your chances are not good. Estimates are 50 to 90 percent of people infected die within 20 days from severe bleeding from all over the body.There is no cure but some new treatments help with the survival rate but most of those are still experimental. They know you have to have direct contact with an infected person that has ssymptomsbut you can't get it food, through the air, or in the water supply. None of these are the reasons why I am so scared of Ebola, however.

Ebola is scary but I am more scared about what it can become. The biggest threat from viruses is what they mutate into. Every time a virus mutates it can take on different characteristics making it much more deadly. Ebola is different because every time it infects a person, it mutates not once but twice. Think about that for a second, every time a person is infected it could change the virus and make it transmissible through the air or in our food. It could make it more deadly and kill closer to %100 of people it infects or it could take other gruesome characteristics you can't even dream of.

For all our sake, I hope that does not happen or our world will be a much different place then it is today and most of us will be gone.