The record company rep for Aloe Blacc called me the other day and asked if we'd play his new song, "The Man." No way, I said. The only way that song will EVER be on HOT 97.5 is if it becomes too big to ignore so that I HAVE to play it. Well, that day has arrived.

I hate this song, but it has nothing to do with the song. Let me clarify: I tend to be a person who doesn't let things go. I'm like an elephant; you irritate me or make me mad, I may never, ever forgive you.

Months ago Beats by Dre released a commercial with Colin Kaepernick where he puts the headphones on his head with "The Man" playing to block out the screams of what is supposed to be crazy, rabid Seahawks fans.

In the commercial they're doing everything from breaking windows, rioting, getting arrested, peeing on the tour bus, flipping him off, screaming, swearing... shall I go on? Basically, it makes Seahawks fans look like an uncontrollable mob.

I mentioned my distaste for this commercial and its song on the air a few days ago and my phone was off the hook with people confused. What commercial? If you haven't seen it, click below:

It's actually a pretty cool song. I'd like it if I'd heard it in any other context.

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