You may be asking what Ndamukung Suh going to Miami has to do with the Seahawks? He just signed a new contract to move to the Dolphins and that contract reportedly has 60 million dollars fully guaranteed. That large amount of guaranteed money is making NFL owners nervous because they are afraid of it becoming the standard of contracts in the NFL. But how does this all affect the Seahawks?

When a team signs a fully guaranteed contract, they are responsible to pay all of that money up front when the contract is signed. Some owners are wealthy enough to right a check, but some just don't have those kind of resources. Team owners are worried that if they don't have a huge check book to pay players off with "guaranteed money", they don't have the power to attract the best players.

The Seattle Seahawks have THE richest owner is the NFL with a value of over 17 billion dollars, so this will definitively not be a problem for us for a long time. If large amounts of guaranteed money are a big part of the NFL's future, the Seahawks will have another advantage to build on their dynasty.