Some people who know me well know that I'm having a mini-war with Facebook. Honestly, it's more of a hate than a war. Read my past blogs to find out why.

But there's a lot more annoying things about Facebook than what they did to me --especially their changes in the last couple years.

Facebook has become more and more a one-direction medium. It's where people throw trophies from their life in front of you and scream, "Hey, look at me! Look at how cool I am!"

Facebook is not good at true social interaction and connectivity.

Now that I've become a (light) Twitter user, I've begun to see the light. Twitter has many more "access points" -- the basic design of Twitter is for interaction.

With Twitter, if you just say, "Look how great I am" no one will ever see anything you do.

The key to Twitter is tweeting ideas to people -- stuff you like; stuff you don't like. Often, you'll get an answer because that's how Twitter was designed -- it's for response; it's for interaction.

I don't see a lot of people from Tri-Cities using it. That's really a shame. I've had Twitter fans telling me this for the last couple of years, but I didn't believe it until I got in and started using it.

If you find yourself getting bored using Facebook and scrolling through useless updates, give Twitter a try.

I find it much more entertaining.

Hit me up @theedjaj

I get really great sports information (I follow all the Seahawks profiles). I've had conversations with Disneyland Today -- Disneyland's Twitter handle.

I tried to get Richard Sherman to tweet me on his birthday, but I guess he was busy.