Welp, we're not out of the woods yet! There's a warmer front moving in but according to the National Weather Service it will bring rain, and possibly freezing rain as well. We may end up with a layer of ice on the roads tomorrow morning, and the wind is on it's way back. Winds as strong as 21 MPH are expected to kick up Tuesday making it feel colder than it is. The mountains are expected to get more snow, so good news for skiers and snowboarders, but in town, things could still get dicey. Storm drains are expected to maybe have issued due to the combo of rain and melting snow, but thankfully the Yakima River is not expected to rise.

Tips from me to to you: try to clear our your storm drains and surrounding area as much as you can, leave your windshield wipers up on your car over night if you must leave it outside, drive cautiously and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you, and wear shoes with traction (I already almost bit the dust several times today.) By the end of the week things should be in the 40s, but getting there could be crazy. Take care!