If the man in your life is anything like me, he is really hard to buy for. Men either just don't communicate what they want or they just go buy it and leave you with no ideas. Here are is a good list to get you started if you are having problems shopping this holiday season for the men in your life.


1--Chocolate and other gourmet food. My dad loves chocolate covered cherries.

2--Booze. (You know if this is the right gift)

3--Art (especially if you make it, but don't expect a huge response)

4--Movie tickets.

5--T-shirts from their favorite media. Movies, Tv shows, bands, sports teams.

6--A hat you think they’d look great in. Even if they never wear it, cool hats look great hanging on the wall.

7--There’s never been a man born who didn’t secretly want an RC helicopter.

8--Everybody loves knives. Everybody.

9--Really comfortable pajamas.

10-Steaks (frozen or in a restaurant)

11-Men hate buying socks for themselves, thus they are always in need of socks.

12-Leather bags. If you buy it, they will find things to carry in it.