Most people don't know that I was a bartender for about a year in college, and I was pretty good. Since I have stayed working in bars but with a different job, the DJ. Still see the same types of stupid customers that I hated when I was a bartender. Don't be one of these kinds of people that bartenders hate.

Don't ask for a stronger drink! If you want something stronger, order something with more shots or order a double but don't ask for a "top off" for a favor. If you are one of these people, just order a shot next time. Nothing stronger then that.

Do not eat from the wedge tray! Every bartender spends a lot of time cutting wedges and making sure the tray has everything they need for the night. Bartenders also keep their hands clean, unlike your grubby hands.

Do not yell at the bartender from the back of the line so you can cut in front. If you know the bartender and tip big regularly he will notice you and take care of you accordingly. If they do not, take it as a hint to tip bigger next time or be more friendly.

Do not beg for another drink after closing time. No matter how much you beg they can not make you a drink! the tills have already been pulled and you can loose your liquor license for serving after 2am. Why would any business risk that for a drunk guy that needs to go home?

When a bartender asks what you want, never answer "just make me something good" and then complain about what you got. You ask for whatever, we will make you whatever and you should shut up and like it or order something yourself!