I've heard a lot of a new "99 Problems" cover by a gentleman named Hugo. It's incredible so I looked up his other music, which I would call pop bluegrass or pop blues, and I love all of it. I tried to learn more about him, and found he has a fascinating story!

His full name is Hugo Chakrabongse Levy. That middle name is Thai, because his mother is a Thai princess! Hugo's grandfather was Prince Chula Chakrabongse, descended from Rama V. Hugo's father was Allen Levy, a British man. When his parents divorced, he and his mother moved to Thailand and as a teenager he started singing in bands and acting in Thai soap operas! He helped write the song, "Disappear" featured on Beyonce's album "I Am... Sasha Fierce." That got the attention of Jay-Z, who signed him to his label.

That leads us to the song "99 Problems," originally made famous by Jay-Z. It may be the greatest blues song of 2013-2014. We're pretty sure it's featured in a commercial, but we can't remember which one.