King County has been named the "whitest" urban county in the U.S.! Considering the great diversity, this came as a surprise!

According to info from the Census Bureau, among the nation's most-populous counties, King is No. 1 least diverse by a large margin. 64 percent are white.

Ironically, the other 19 most-populous counties are MAJORITY MINORITY!

Believe it or not, almost all GROWTH in the county has been non-white, but that only lowered the percentage of white people to 62 percent.

The number of white residents has also grown. It is now about 1.3 million people -- the highest number of white people ever. That is to be credited to the tech industry, which predominantly hires white men.

Many people imagine Latinos from Mexico and South America accounting for the largest growth, but for the past decade that hasn't been true. A bad economy here and better economies back home have slowed Latino immigration. Asians now account for most new arrivals -- mostly from India and China.

At current growth rates, racial diversity will not become the majority until 2035.