We love our food, w

ine, and other adult beverages in the Tri-Cities, and despite not being a big city, we definitely have some top-notch bars and restaurants. We now have another amazing addition to the killer bars in the area. For weeks on my way home I drove past the unassuming Amendment XII and watched as it came to completion. I was stoked to have a bar close to home so I could enjoy some beverages and walk home, but what I didn't expect was that it would become my new fave spot. I got to speak to owner Lee Davisdon (still in her 20s, by the way), and she told me her vision for the bar.

"I basically have gone to a couple cool places in Portland and Seattle and the 'speakeasy' theme is really trending over there. We usually catch trends 6-8 months after them, so I was looking in to opening a bar and I was looking in to doing something different than the sports bars that we have so many of around here. And this just caught my eye, I thought it would be such a cool concept."

She was right! All the research she did on speakeasies and the cocktails of the era paid off! Their signature cocktails are incredible. I had a Huckleberry Mule, and it was too delicious for words. They also have a killer chef, great atmosphere (inside and out, the glass fire pit is awesome). Don't worry, if you're a beer or wine drinker, they've still got you covered. Check out the photos below to get a feel for the place, and make sure you stop in and see for yourself. You'll probably beer Raleigh cozied up to the bar, or playing shuffleboard on their gorgeous new table. Give Dev behind the bar and high five and make sure they know Raleigh sent ya!

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