Now that I have been a Dad for almost 5 years, I think I have some tips that could help parents travel with their kids. We travel at least once every year and there are always challenges along the way. With a little preparation, you can defuse those challenges and eliminate those little moments that can derail your family fun.

1-Make sure you bring plenty of suckers, binky, or gum if your child is old enough. When you fly the pressure changes and children do not usually know how to clear their ears, that is where the suckers come in. It will help them relieve the pressure and give them a snack to keep them happy at the same time.

2-Make sure to pack their favorite comfort item like a blanket or a stuffed animal. When your children are out of their comfort zone, they need one piece of familiarity to make them feel safe. This will save you in a tough situation.

3-Pack lots of extra cloths. Kids make messes and tend to have accidents. It can be harder to find a place to a small load of laundry then to just pack a few extra cloths just in case.

4-Make sure you have lots of things for your kids to do. When you are traveling, there can be a lot of waiting and down time. Coloring books, card games, a few small toys, or an Ipad to watch movies and play games.

5-Plan ahead and leave plenty early because it always takes more time to get ready and get everyone moving then you think. Some of the biggest fights I have had with my wife on trips has to do with this very thing. Give yourself at least an extra half hour and you won't be sorry!

Happy holiday traveling!